Our staff is experienced and committed to promoting health with a smile.


      Jennifer Tabick

                                          Jennifer Tabick     


 - Health Team leader  - 

A Chiropractic patient of over 40 years, Jennifer is well aware of the many needs of our patients.  

She is a vital link between the patients and the doctor.  While being responsible for many different tasks within the office, she adheres to the motto that the patient is the most important person in the office and will set aside any work when it comes to patient interaction.  She prides herself on caring and respecting the patients.  

                                     ANNA                                                               Anna    


   - Office Manager -


Whether youʼre visiting our office for the first time or the hundredth time, our office manager, Anna, is here for you. Her friendliness, caring attitude and patients-first mentality will put you at ease. Anna understands the benefits of Specific Chiropractic care and hopes you will trust Tabick Specific Chiropractic with your familyʼs health.

When you call the doctor's office, please ask to speak to Anna if you have any questions. 


                                                                              Sarah                                                                                       - Traffic Cop - 

A Chiropractic patient of over 16 years, Sarah is well aware of the many needs of our patients. In our office she is what we call a “traffic cop” she keeps the office organized, so all the patients can get to there needs met. Sarah always keeps a smile on her face, and if you need anything, she is happy to help.

Stephine P.     

- Traffic Cop - 

Miss Stephine, has been a part of this office for six years, she and her family have been getting checked my Dr. Tabick, and they have seen and know the of the benefits Chorpertic care. "Our quality of life has improved through over the years with the care Chorpertic, I have not only been helped, but I was made aware of how important this care is for my family of  five."                  

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