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Are you looking for a great chiropractor office in Brooklyn? Our chiropractor at Tabick Specific Chiropractic would love to help you out with your chronic pain. Below is some more information about us and the types of services we offer.

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Information about Our Practice

We practice a special Brainstem compression technique to help you live your life to the fullest possible. If you are seeking pain relieve in a holistic manner, you have come to the right place! Keep reading to learn more about our practice and how we can help you.

Our Doctor and Staff

Doctor Tabick has been a chiropractor since 1994. He is practicing Brainstem Specialist in New York. Dr. Tabick's first experience with a chiropractor was when he was in a serious auto accident at 17. Several months after being treated by a chiropractic doctor, he was healed. Dr. Tabick gives back to those who have been injured and need chiropractic help through his practice.

The staff at Tabick Specific Chiropractic is also here to help you out. Jennifer Tabick is the health team manager and office manager of Tabick Specific Chiropractic. Please ask for Jennifer and she will be happy to help you out with paperwork or any other question you may have about our office and practice. 

Services the We Offer

We offer a variety of services to get you back to a healthy state of mind and body. Chiropractic treatment includes upper cervical care and Brainstem decompression procedures since Dr. Tabick is a Brainstem specialist. We also offer corrective exercises, lifestyle advice, and nutritional counseling. Below are some details about some of the services we offer. 

Brainstem is a specific type of chiropractic treatment, practiced by Dr. Micheal Kale and Dr. Lyle Sherman. If you suffer from depression or anxiety, spinal stenosis, a learning weakness, menstrual or ovulation pain, vertigo or dizziness, ear infections, migraines, a weak immune system, ADHD or ADD, a herniated or slipped disc, colitis or IBS, you may benefit from Brainstem decompression procedures.

Other services may be used in a combination with one or more, counting on your diagnosis and recommended a treatment plan.

Office Visits

Please make an appointment as soon as you can to get the pain relief you need. Our chiropractor in Brooklyn will diagnose and recommend a treatment plan at your first appointment to get you started down the road of recovery. 

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Make an appointment today to get your treatment plan started for a pain free life. You can visit us at Tabick Specific Chiropractic, 6908 11TH Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11228. You can also make an appointment over the phone by calling (718) 745-8177.


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